Kathryn Lewthwaite

Interior Designer & Technical Detailer

Bachelor of Built Environment (Interior Design major)

With nearly 25 years’ experience as an Interior Designer, Kathryn has worked extensively in the commercial and residential design and build industries. Originally from Queensland, she graduated from university and worked with a small commercial design and project management practice for 10 years.

Having attained a role as a Senior Designer and gained vast industry experience she chose to relocate to Melbourne. Opportunities arose for her in the residential kitchen and bathroom design sector, allowing her to further develop her interest and technical knowledge of cabinetry design and the installation trades processes that surround it.

Although Kathryn has worked on a vast array of projects from simple home renovations through to million dollar projects for large mining companies and financial institutions, what really makes her stand tall is when she knows she has genuinely helped a client.  Upon reflection, there is one job that makes her proud.

One lady in particular sticks in her mind. “The client’s property, budget and expectations were humble. She suffered from health issues and had experienced hardships. The job was not ‘special’ or ‘innovative’ but it was invaluable to her.  As a result, she still vividly remembers the client’s name, her kitchen and her happiness from over 7 years ago.”

Since joining LTKI, Kathryn has exceeded her many client’s expectations with her outstanding skills in design, functionality, colour, texture and her amazing ability to draw and document her projects for construction better than almost anyone. 

Kathryn lived in the UK for a couple of years and made the most of living on the opposite side of the world. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe.  Her other loves embrace modern and contemporary art, reading, music- especially pub gigs, and she is quite partial to red wine too!

Designer Member of Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute (KBDi).