Bathroom Renovations Surrey Hills

Surrey Hills is a tranquil suburb that has a beautiful blend of Victorian and Edwardian homes dotted with some more contemporary houses to create a unique balance between the old and the new. The residents enjoy scenic views, clean air and the pride of living in one of the most desirable places in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

As Surrey Hills has a fairly large proportion of homes here are older period style homes, there is a strong demand to upgrade these homes by renovating them. Most people want something that looks modern yet blends with the existing aesthetics of their home. 

When it comes to renovating your bathroom this can be a challenging task as there are a number of considerations to take into account. Plumbing, electrical wiring, quality materials - all of these things are critical if you want your bathroom to not only function well but to also last for many years to come. That is why you need experts with plenty of experience in bathroom renovations in the Surrey Hills area.
Here at Let's Talk Kitchens & Interiors, we take pride in our designs and specialise in designing domestic interior renovations. Our design philosophy is based on the principle of being aesthetically pleasing yet functional and we always strive to surpass the expectations of our clients.

bathroom renovations surrey hills

Bathroom Renovations

There are plenty of ways to renovate your bathroom. Whether it's your en-suite bathroom or small bathroom or the powder room, everything can be improved and turned into a space that is stylish and practical. 

When people start thinking about renovating their bathroom, they don't really have a firm idea about what they want. That is not necessarily a bad thing. You need to keep your mind open as there are a huge number of options in terms of materials, designs and so many other things.

Whether you want a modern bathroom, a designer bathroom, a luxury bathroom or a traditional bathroom or any other design you have noticed in a magazine or on Pinterest, Instagram or Houzz, we can turn your dreams into reality.

Here is what you get when you engage us for your bathroom renovation project.

  • Planning – We invite you to visit our design studio to give you an idea of what's available and what is new. We will tell you about any new materials or ideas in the market and their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Home Visit – We visit your home to take photographs, take measurements, to sketch and to discuss designs and all the other small but important things.
  • Design Development – Once you are ready, we begin the design development process. This usually takes around 3 to 4 appointments wherein you finalise all the fixtures and other things you want to include in your bathroom renovation. This is also the step where you get a much more accurate costing of your project.
  • Production and Installation – Once everything is finalised and you are ready to place your order, we reconfirm everything before your project goes into production. At this stage, our project manager and operations manager take over and they handle everything including scheduling and managing the project to take it to completion.

Expert Bathroom Renovations Surrey Hills

Every renovation project is unique. We don't believe in standardised solutions to unique problems. At our design studio, everyone in our team is a fully qualified professional so that when you decide to engage us, we make sure you get a bathroom that has everything you want.

This can be a time-consuming process but our dedicated and experienced project managers with keep you updated every step of the way. We will keep you in the loop with everything from the initial design stage through to completion.

Why Choose Let's Talk Kitchens & Interiors?

We are an award-winning designer-builder with hundreds of bathroom renovation projects in our portfolio. Our team of professionals has turned the dreams of hundreds of homeowners into reality and we have plenty of experience in handling bathroom renovations in Surrey Hills

Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors have been custom designing, building and project managing home renovations right across Melbourne and greater Victoria since 1972.

If you’d like to discuss your dream bathroom plans with one of our qualified Interior Designers, please call Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors today on (03) 9888 5100. Or, please send us an inquiry via our contact form.


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