From Interzum, Cologne

Great new materials, loads and loads of sensational woodgrains so realistic you wouldn’t bother with real timber again.There’s no doubt, benchtops are going to be thinner, 6mm stainless steel, 10mm solid surface, whatever it is it’s thinner. LED lighting is going to be  bigger than Texas, for every location and application imaginable.

One great new development is the concept of having the overhead cabinets capable of being electrically moved Up & Down the wall to give the vertically challenged among us better access to their “stuff”.

Another is the ability to have the whole kitchen, laundry, wardrobe, ………. whatever, completey hidden behind sliding doors, some of these things will take a year or two to hit the market, but when they do, they’ll go gangbusters, notwithstanding their cost, which will be up there.