John Castaldo

Site Supervisor

Cabinet Maker, Chisholm Tafe

John joined LTKI in 2018 and is a valuable addition to the team.

His experience is varied and John brings a plethora of skills to the role. He is a qualified cabinet maker so inherently understands how ‘the little boxes’ are constructed, he brings with him previous experience in CAD Design, work as a Technical Detailer, Project Manager, and in sales, installation, maintenance and carpentry.

With this experience gained over nearly two decades John uses his honed problem solving skills to think through most challenges and overcome obstacles in the moment and on the job. His excellent time management and decision making skills prove most useful when working in someone’s home and time is of the essence.

He prides himself on his communication, an integral part of his role is bridging the gap between client, designer, installer, trades and factory. When problems arise, as they often do on a building site, John has to resolve issues in an efficient manner, keeping everyone abreast of the changes and ensuring a great end result in a minimum time. This takes great patience, skill and a strong can do attitude, add in his respectful and hard working-nature and you have a pretty great Site Supervisor.

Out of hours, you’ll find John outside either fishing, camping, hiking or renovating his own home.