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Choosing The Right Cabinet Doors For Your Kitchen

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Kitchen cabinets matter a lot because they determine the general aesthetics of the place. This is why careful consideration must be taken when one is choosing kitchen cabinet doors. They need to be designed so that they complement the rest of the space but also need to be soft closing for practical purposes.

Choosing the right cupboard doors is paramount in a renovation because that is one of the things that will stick out the most. Your cabinets create the first impression when you walk into the kitchen.

Fingal – Kitchen

Door Colour Considerations

The colours that you choose for your cabinet doors can have a different impact on the kitchen outlook. Choosing contrasting colours for your door and panels creates a bold appearance for the kitchen.

For example, the kitchen stools and cabinet doors can be the same colour, and the benchtop or benchtops a different colour. This will make the kitchen look organised as well. This option is best for a kitchen that has an island bench.

Further to this, if all the cabinets are the same colour, it will give your kitchen a natural flow. A mild colour such as a light blue or a neutral colour like grey or white is preferable with this style.

Another option is to go with a multi-colour palette. This means having more than two colours for the cabinets. The colour can be similar to the drawer fronts or some of the appliances, or it can stand out on its own. This makes for a bold looking kitchen.

Albert Park – Kitchen

Choosing Your Door Style

Various factors determine which cabinet colours are best for the kitchen. These are:

The amount of light in the kitchen – If the kitchen gets a lot of natural light, bold colours are great because they will not make the space look cramped. However, a kitchen with minimal natural light should have bright or neutral colours. The colours that would be best are light blue, grey, lime, yellow.

The space in the kitchen – A large place is okay with dark colours. A smaller sized kitchen works best with neutral or lighter colours.

How often the kitchen will be used – If you have a family with kids, the best materials to use are those that will be easy to paint over during renovations or those that will not require an entire makeover. It will be cheaper to renovate if the materials do not look too worn out.

Your Budget – Check the budget before indulging in a makeover that needs very expensive cabinet doors. This will prevent the project from being abandoned halfway or not turning out as expected.

Fingal Scullery

Is the renovation for you or purposes fo selling the place? If the renovations are to sell the house then the buyers’ preferences should be considered. If the renovations are for your satisfaction, we recommend that you choose something you like. Have an idea of recent trends so that you can choose something that still holds its beauty for many years to come. This will save you thousands in the future.

It is always best to take time before deciding what is best for the kitchen. This is a decision that will determine whether you can achieve your dream kitchen. Consulting with experienced contractors always helps and will ensure that you make the right choice.

Do you want the right cabinet doors for your kitchen? Please call Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors today for all your custom kitchen design needs in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

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