Kitchen Cabinet Lighting - Getting It Right

Getting the lighting right in your kitchen is crucial to making your time spent in the kitchen more efficient and more enjoyable. It probably deserves more consideration than that given to the bedroom or lounge.

Consider the colour, finish and size of whatever you choose, as well as the style. Will they take energy-efficient bulbs? Do you want dimmers? Think about how you use lighting, does your family leave the lights on all day, or are they pretty good at switching the light off as they leave a room? LEDs cost more upfront but will substantially reduce the cost of your electricity bills.

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Consider the layout of your kitchen - How do you expect to use your kitchen?

Finally consider dimmers, they can be a great addition to some light switches – giving you the option for softer lighting for eating or entertaining, plus the added bonus of reducing your electricity consumption.

Taking all this into consideration will help you decide what type of fixtures you want where, your designer can then draw up your wiring diagram for the electrician.