Bathroom Design Melbourne

After the kitchen, your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home. However, it is also the most neglected part of interior design when it comes to building a new home. Most home builders relegate as little space as possible to the bathroom and design is usually limited by functionality. 

According to a comparison report by on home renovation activity, 16% of the homeowners who renovated their homes in 2017 chose bathroom renovation. With the help of professional bathroom design services, you can transform your bathroom into a stunning addition to your home with thoughtful approaches to functionality but focusing more on design and finishing touches that can turn a mundane bathroom into a luxurious bathing sanctuary.

Bring your vision of a dream bathroom to life with our professional bathroom design services. A truly beautiful powder room will not only be a welcoming space for you to relax in but also has the ability to enhance your feelings of luxury and wellbeing.

From small, budget bathrooms to complete transformations into award-winning luxury spaces, our professionally qualified team of designers at Let’s Talk Kitchens are experts at providing custom bathroom design solutions for clients right across Melbourne. 

We are registered with the Victoria Building Authority and all our certified bathroom designers are professionally qualified having passed the KBDI (Australian Kitchen & Bathroom Designer’s Institute) examinations. This ensures peace of mind that only technicians with the necessary expertise and qualifications will be assigned to your bathroom renovation project, from designers to tradesmen.

Get the best bathroom design for your home by utilising the extensive experience of our award-winning bathroom design team to help you create the dream bathroom you are looking for.

Expert Bathroom Designers

For a stress-free experience, leave the design and build of your dream bathroom in the hands of our expert bathroom designers. Our highly qualified and experienced design team will bring their deep understanding of the design concept to your project to create a truly beautiful bathing sanctuary. They strive to use their artistic abilities to create well-designed and meaningful spaces that provide a perfect balance between function and design with meticulous attention to detail. 

Our design team works together to skilfully blend style and functionality with stunning finishes and premium materials to create some of the most innovative and beautiful bathrooms in Australia.

Some important factors you may want to consider when designing your bathroom include the following:

  • Functionality First

Your bathroom layout should be as efficient as possible. A one-wall layout is most efficient and cost-effective with the sink, shower, and toilet in a single line. However, if you have the space available, a two- or three-walled layout will make your bathroom more functional and useful.

  • Choose the Best Basin Layout

Choosing the right type of basin can help define the overall look of your bathroom and act as a focal point in the décor. While vessel basins are the most cost-effective to install, top-mounted or under-mounted vanity basins come in a beautiful range of designs and styles to enhance the aesthetics of your new bathroom.

  • Bath Design

There is nothing like a free-standing bath to add luxury and grandiosity to a bathroom. It helps to create a spa-like atmosphere and, depending on the space you have available, it can help you get really creative with your design layout.

  • Feature Tiling 

Feature tiling on the walls and floor can add that extra wow-factor to your bathroom space. Create a seamless look by using the same tiles all around the bathroom or use contrast designs to create a really interesting effect.

Regardless of the style and level of luxury you are looking for, Let’s Talk Kitchen can provide you with the design, build, and finishes that will help make your bathroom space dreams come true.

Do you want the best possible bathroom design in Melbourne? Please call Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors today for all your custom bathroom design needs in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.