Latest NewsTalking Kitchens, Bathrooms & Renovations: What Are Some Of The Most Popular Kitchen Layouts?

Talking Kitchens, Bathrooms & Renovations: What Are Some Of The Most Popular Kitchen Layouts?

I guess in today’s world, domestic architecture has moved on from the 30s and 40s, where all the rooms in the house were little interconnected boxes, and the kitchen was a separate little box where you went to cook and then you came out of there to eat. 

Domestic architecture has now moved to the point – thanks to efficient heating – where the kitchen is usually part of a larger living space. The kitchen, the living space, the family room and the dining room, is almost one big room these days. We don’t usually use dining rooms anymore.

Galley Kitchens

When it comes to kitchen renovations, probably the most popular layouts for a kitchen these days is the galley kitchen. This is where you have one long run along the wall and a big long island bar in front of it. If the space allows for it, it’s very efficient and fits nicely into a larger living space and is also aesthetically pleasing.

What Are Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

The L-shaped Kitchen

Another very popular kitchen layout – again, if the space allows – is an L-shape with a freestanding island bar. Generally speaking, if the room will allow you to have a freestanding island bar, it’s pretty much kitchens 101. That’s the best and most efficient way to layout the room because it does allow for a very – to use the word again – efficient use of the space by one or even more cooks.

When you have an older shaped kitchen, such as an old U-shaped kitchen, if you get two people in there, you’ve got a crowd. That’s also why we find when we’re looking at someone’s home, we might often suggest you could take that wall out and you can do XYZ. You may find that these are the times when a structural change may well benefit the home and the family. 

What Are Most Popular Kitchen Layouts

No Kitchens At All?

We’re actually beginning to see the start of a move across the world where kitchens, in probably another ten years or more, won’t even be visible. They’ll be behind sliding doors or a partition or something similar when you walk into a room. What we will see is a large living space and part of that living space will be the kitchen, but you won’t even see it. 

So to summarise, a long galley is probably the single most popular kitchen layout in today’s world but in the not too distant future, there may be no kitchens at all!

We hope that these tips and ideas have given you some inspiration when it comes to designing and planning your dream kitchen.

Final Thoughts

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