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What’s The Difference Between a Kitchen Trend and a Fad?

Trends and fads… we know them all too well. What’s the latest in fashion? Haircuts? How about cars? How about kitchen renovations? What’s trending? In this post, we’re going to be looking at kitchen trends and fads. Let’s start with the basics:

Trend and Fad: What Exactly Are They?

A trend refers to what is popular or hip during a certain point in time. It can apply to any area of life, rather than just entertainment or fashion. On the other hand, a fad is an interest or practice followed for a specified time with exaggerated passion or zeal.

Generally, a trend has a much longer life span than a fad. A trend takes a long time to grow in popularity but can remain in style for years. On the other hand, fads come fast and go quickly. Their fame and acceptance are short-lived. So, what is the difference between a kitchen trend and a fad?

Kitchen Trends

Trends and fads influence all parts of your life, and the kitchen is no exception. Kitchen trends evolve more slowly over time and take time to build. They often lead to long-term changes, with their popularity built over an extended period of time. There are numerous kitchen layouts and designs but some good examples of long-lasting trends are the industrial kitchen and open-plan kitchens.

Like other trends, kitchen trends influence our culture greatly and go beyond an individual industry. They gain power over time since they are not about a specific period but rather a time progression.

Kitchen Fads

Kitchen fads are similar to other types of fads since they come and go quickly. They appear in your life out of nowhere and take you by storm. Unlike trends, fads don’t take root in culture, causing them to fade quickly. People embrace them for a short while before moving on to the next fad! Some examples are colourful cabinets and pattern plays.

Fads are okay when used in areas of your life that are not permanent. However, they can be dangerous if you use them as part of your new kitchen design that is supposed to last for years. Investing in an interior design project is costly, so you must ensure that you get it “right” the first time.

5 Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay

1). Open-Layout Kitchens

Open layouts discourage kitchen isolation. This kitchen design trend supports a casual and connected lifestyle where your family enjoys comfortable cooking, drying, and informal dining. It encourages entertainment and interaction with an amazing living space blend.



2). Statement Tiles

These are graphic tiles made from cement, porcelain, and ceramic to introduce bold patterns into kitchens. The trend stretches back centuries, making it timeless and not just a fad. You can customise statement tiles to fit your personality or the high-impact focal point.

3). Brass Accents

This trend was popular in the ’80s and has maintained its popularity due to its elegant appearance, warmth, and durability. The luxurious materials combine well to offer warm, beautiful, and timeless cabinet hardware. 

4). Induction Cook Pots

Induction cooking pots are a new trend moving fast. They’re loved for their safety and energy-saving ability. They enable fast cooking and are very safe for use since the burner and the cook pots don’t get hot.  

5). Subway Tile

For a good reason, subway tiles are among the most popular trends in new and old kitchens.  They look clean, are easy to fix, and can be used in homes and public spaces. Better yet, you can also get a subway tile that matches your personality!

Final Thoughts

A trend grows in power and influence, unlike a fad that depends on a momentary feeling. A trend gets people’s support for a long time. As a homeowner, you should ensure that you only put your money into a trend over a fad. While some kitchen trends may fade with time, they eventually resurface. 

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