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5 Benchtop Finishes for Your Kitchen Renovation

Wondering what choice of finish you should select for your new kitchen benchtop? Feeling the pressure to get it right? There’s a lot to think about, and considering it is something you’re going to be seeing a lot of, it’s important to make sure you get it right the first time. 

Luckily, LTKI is here to help. We’ve got decades of experience in kitchen renovations in Melbourne. Below are 5 fantastic options for you to choose from when it comes to benchtop finishes for your new kitchen renovation.

1). Natural Stone

There is no doubt about it. Natural stone is stunning, with unmatched splendour and magnificence in addition to its high durability. Natural stone is available in a variety of types and textures, such as marble and granite. For rolling out pastry, marble is a favourite among passionate cooks, but it is easily damaged by things like spices (notorious Tumeric!), coffee, vinegar, and red wine. 

On the other hand, granite benchtops have a far lower porosity, making them more stain-and scratch-resistant. They are available in a large variety of gorgeous colours with a classy matte or glossy appearance. Unfortunately, granite is frequently seen at the high end of the kitchen price range, but it’s well worth it. That’s because it will outlive the rest of the family because of its exceptional durability.

2). Timber

Timber is timeless. It has a unique appearance that makes timber benchtops look good in both modern and traditional kitchens. If you’d like to add a simple sense of luxury, warmth, and texture to your home, timber is the way to go. 

For continuous benchtops, timber pieces are laminated together and the surface is finished using oil or polyurethane to prevent the absorption of spills. This can make it last for a long time, but timber is generally prone to scratches and scorch marks. The good thing, however, is that by sanding the surface and refinishing it, it can look as good as new!

Benchtop Finishes Kitchen Renovation

3). Stainless Steel

We’ve mostly seen this one in commercial kitchens in restaurants, but people are incorporating stainless steel into their homes as well. That’s because stainless steel is very hard-wearing and hygienic. By choosing high-grade, thick stainless steel benches, there won’t be any crevices for pests or gunk to hide in.

You could even integrate the sink and splashback so that there are no cracks for dirt to hide in. To maintain stainless steel, which is prone to a few scratches, you can re-polish it every five to ten years to give the appearance of a brand-new benchtop.

4). Laminate

Laminates have advanced significantly over the last few years and are now a popular cost-effective option for kitchen benches and countertops. They are functional, long-lasting, and sturdy, and come in a vast variety of colours and styles.

But what is laminate? It is a paper layer placed over MDF, plywood, or chipboard and covered in a clear coating of melamine. It is available in almost every design you can imagine, from Scandi and industrial to natural stone. 

Laminate can also be wiped off practically anything and is stain-resistant. If you drop something on it, it can chip, and once the melamine layer has been compromised, water can seep through and cause swelling. However, it is the most affordable of the bunch.

5). Engineered Stone

Engineered stone, commonly referred to as quartz, is created by mixing glass chips, marble dust, or quartz (or occasionally granite) granules with a resin or polyester base. This gives rise to many different colours and patterns.

It is much less porous than granite and marble implying that sealing is not necessary. Although exceedingly hard to scratch, it is susceptible to chipping. Additionally, if spills are not immediately cleaned up, the benchtop may discolour when exposed to things like tea and red wine. If it stains, professional stone cleaners can revive it though. 

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get swept up in the romance of choosing the most expensive or beautiful slab for your benchtop. However, your decision should be well informed by much more than just the price tag and aesthetics and we hope this guide has helped make a decision. If not, feel free to reach out to us at Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors; let’s help you identify the best solution for you. 

If you would like further help designing your new kitchen call Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors today on (03) 9068 5496 to speak with one of our qualified Interior Designers or book a consultation.



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