Talking Kitchens, Bathrooms & Renovations:  ‘Must-Haves’ in a Modern Kitchen

Talking Kitchens, Bathrooms & Renovations:
‘Must-Haves’ in a Modern Kitchen

There are a lot of things that are really pretty much must-haves in a modern kitchen. And what I’d like to do is take you around the showroom and show you what some of those things are. I could tell you about them but I think if I show them to you you’ll have a much better appreciation of why they might be useful to include in your design, keeping in mind the cheapest way to build a kitchen is just some boxes with doors on one shelf. The better way to design a kitchen is to have all rollouts, with some good internal things that roll out to meet you as well. Sadly, that pushes your cost up and it becomes a balancing act for all of us to decide which way we wanna go.

Nowadays, besides all of the internal things we can have in the kitchen such as roll-out oils and spices racks, pull out drawers, pull out tools and equipment fittings, drawers etc. you can put a drawer in the bottom of the kicker space down under the cabinets where it’s a good place for a bit of wine or platters or serving trays, that sort of thing. You can have a lift-up door that goes up so the door is out of the way of your headspace. There’s a range of must-haves in the modern kitchen. 

Whether you must have them of course is a choice between cost and efficiency. Because the more of these really lovely must-haves we put into our kitchen, usually the dearer we make the end result. But interestingly, a lot happier the client ends up. I’d much rather have a client ring me up in two or three years time and say, “I’m glad we did that” than say, “Gee, I wish we had done” and I reckon the must-haves really enter that part of the equation. There are some things in the kitchen you just gotta have.