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What Kitchen Layout Mistakes Should Be Avoided?

Are you planning a kitchen renovation? Have you finalised the layout? What kind of kitchen do you have in mind? Kitchen renovations can be one of the most expensive home improvement projects. Moreover, there is a lot more to a kitchen than just making it look good. It is a functional place where you are going to spend a lot of time. This means that you should never give up functionality in favour of aesthetics.

In today’s blog post, we will explore some of the most common kitchen layout mistakes that should be avoided to keep your kitchen functional and beautiful at the same time.

Kitchen Layout Mistakes To Avoid

There are a number of layout mistakes you should avoid making in your kitchen renovation project. A few examples of these mistakes include the following:

1). Keep The Triangle

There are three things you are going to use the most in your kitchen. These are your refrigerator, stovetop, and sink. You will be continuously moving between these there spaces which is why it is known as the work triangle. If there is any obstruction between these spaces, it will frustrate you and break your workflow. This means that you won’t enjoy working in your expensive kitchen.

In addition to the work triangle, you also need to think carefully about your own personal requirements. If you use some specific things for your cooking, make sure you have some storage space near the cooktop. The same principle applies to your cookware.

2). Open Space

Nobody likes a cramped kitchen, especially when you have enough space to make it look and feel open. If you have multiple countertops, it’s important that you carefully plan the layout by making sure there’s at least a gap of four feet between them to keep things comfortable and easier to navigate around.

3). Appliance Measurement

You need to plan for your appliances when finalising the layout of your kitchen. Keep adequate space for your refrigerator, oven, microwave, blender, and any other appliances you plan to use. If the space isn’t adequate for your food processors, blenders, microwaves, or other appliances, your kitchen will look cluttered from having these appliances randomly placed around.

This is why you should choose your appliances in advance. Take their measurements to make sure that your chosen layout is capable of accommodating them and still has enough space to not make it look cramped.

kitchen layout mistakes to avoid

4). Lighting

More often than not, people do not think too much about light fixtures in the kitchen. When you are planning your layout, it is important to have proper light fixtures over the countertops to make sure you will be able to prep, cook, and clean with adequate lighting. This way, you won’t have to think about it once your kitchen has been redesigned. It is recommended to position light fixtures a bit in front of your standing position instead of behind you or directly overhead.

5). Plan For Rubbish

There was a time when only one bin was enough for everything. However, these days everyone likes to have separate bins for different kinds of rubbish. It becomes even more important if you are interested in composting and recycling. Therefore, you need to plan for multiple rubbish bins today even if you don’t plan to separate your rubbish. This will make your design future-proof.

6). Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands add aesthetic and are an excellent addition when there is enough space. If you insist on having a kitchen island, make sure there is enough space and its position does not obstruct your workflow.

7). Storage Space

We all seem to have this habit of adding more pots and pans, appliances, cutlery, and other things to our kitchen. You might want to try out different cuisines which means you will need space to store various ingredients. This is why you should plan for enough storage space even if you do not need it right away. You can never have too much storage space in your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Your kitchen is a functional space. You will spend many hours in your kitchen daily. It not only needs to look and feel good but it should also be easy to move around and navigate through. This is why you should spend some time planning your kitchen layout.

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