We guarantee our cabinets, doors, benchtops and internal fittings including drawer runners and hinges against defective materials or faulty workmanship, for a period of 7 years.  We only specify Blum hardware for our kitchens, with the knowledge that Blum offers a Lifetime warranty on all drawer runners, hinges. This guarantee is in addition to all other statutory warranties which usually apply.

A happy client is what we want. So the warranty is really this – if it is broken, and Great Aunt May hasn’t been hanging from the pantry door, nor the kids engraving the doors with their toddler knives, we will fix it. Period.

We see a warranty request as an opportunity to show our clients that we really do care. It’s the best and most economical advertisement for our company. If your cabinetry is 15 years old, we’ll still be there for you.